Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Have all the Paper Towels Gone?

 I buy a lot of paper towels.  For business purposes, I keep our family paper towel purchases separate from Bryan's business paper towels.  That way, no unauthorized personal use of business goods occurs.  Theoretically, this should work perfectly.  Bryan's 24 pack of towels is neatly and conveniently stacked in his studio closet...ready when he needs them.  My rolls are stored in the garage and I keep one in the kitchen.  The other day I got a fresh 'personal' roll out and put it on the kitchen counter.  Then I went off to take care of whatever 'mom' stuff I was doing.  A while later I needed a paper towel.  I went to the kitchen and my 'personal' roll was gone.  Worried I was losing my mind, I looked everywhere for the new roll.  I asked the kids if they had seen it.  Nothing!  Bryan wouldn't have taken it because he has his own paper towels, right?  Wrong.  When you need paper towels, the ones on the kitchen counter are much more convenient than the ones piled up on the floor of the studio closet.  Especially when 5 paintings, a frame and a tripod are leaning against said closet door.  I removed these obstacles and pulled out a 'business' roll for Bryan.  Then I took my half used 'personal' roll back to the kitchen. 

I'll be billing him for his 'personal' use.

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  1. Haley, I just discovered your blog. So happy to see you are writing about your happiness, struggles, challenges, joy, daily life, artist wife life, etc...please keep it up!