Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carmel Plein Air and the People's Choice

Our kids spend a lot of time at art shows.  Being 'kids of the artist' is a tough job.  They are good for a while but soon the novelty wears off and it is ice cream time.  Before the breakdown comes, we like to walk around and talk about what we like about the art.  Last year at the Carmel Show, this led to a tantrum by our four-year-old son who fell if love with Brian Blood's prize winning lighthouse piece.  I had asked hypothetically "which piece would you like if we were getting a painting?"  (In retrospect, this was not the best choice of wording for a preschooler...)  After seeing Brian Blood's painting our son absolutely HAD to have the piece and was devastated when his parents would not enter the bidding war to purchase it.  (I know...what kind of parents are we...obviously inexperienced ones....we ask our child what painting he wants to get and then won't get it for him.)

This year at the show I was a bit more careful with my wording.  We focused on what we liked IN each painting instead of which painting we wanted.  Additionally, the kids were thrilled to be able to vote on their favorite painting with a People's Choice ballot.  We walked around and my son had almost settled on Randy Sexton's farm painting (because it had a tractor in it) for his choice.  (Incidentally, there were no lighthouses painted this year)  However, my daughter noticed a painting by Hiu Lai Chong of the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum.  The building has a huge whale sculpture out in front of it and that whale was the selling point for my daughter.  Then my son decided he liked the whale too.  (During the Maui Plein Air Festival in February we went on a whale watching excursion and have been fascinated by them ever since.)  So Hiu Lai Chong received two votes from the Taylor family. (I was too busy keeping the crew together, I didn't get to vote myself.)   Sorry Dad.   

Friday, May 13, 2011

What it takes to get to the Carmel Art Festival

We wanted to make sure we took everything we would need for the Carmel Art Festival.  Bryan packed 6 panels (even though you can only turn in two paintings and replace with 2 others if they sell-it is good to be prepared) and 5 frames.  He packed all his paint gear (tripod, painting backpack, pochade box, etc) and all his electronic gear (cameras, gps, power cords, laptop, etc).  I packed warm clothes for the kids (in case it was cold) and cool clothes for the kids (in case it was hot).  I did the same for Bryan and for me.  I packed the stroller in case we went anywhere the the kids didn't want to walk.  We packed up a huge pile of art books (from the last post) and art dvd's to return to a friend in Carmel.  We packed snacks and books and hats and diapers.  We  squeezed all our gear and kids and carseats into our tiny Mazda Protege and took off for the two hour trip.  It seemed like we took everything in the house....

except our overnight kit and toiletries

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art Books ....Everywhere

Bryan loves art books.  Every birthday, Father's day, and anniversary gift request is the same: art books.  We already have what I consider to be a beautiful and comprehensive collection of art books.  Doesn't matter.  There are still so many art books we don't have.  Take this pile for example:

We do not yet own any of these beauties but a kind fellow artist is allowing Bryan to borrow them for a few days.  That is the way to do art books.  Share the love.  By the way, I have included a top shot of the stack in case any of you readers happen to appreciate art books as much as my husband does.

 Does anybody have a favorite art book to recommend?  Father's Day is coming up and I'd love some gift ideas.


The art world is very interesting.  I have a lot to say about it.  So why not start a blog?

Also, being the wife of an artist is a fascinating thing.  What other job finds a person critiquing paintings, traveling to shows, creating newsletters, redesigning websites (stay tuned for that one) AND keeping the kids out of the oil paint.  Come along for the ride.  Carmel Plein Air Festival is this weekend.  Stop by and say hi if you are in the area.