Friday, May 13, 2011

What it takes to get to the Carmel Art Festival

We wanted to make sure we took everything we would need for the Carmel Art Festival.  Bryan packed 6 panels (even though you can only turn in two paintings and replace with 2 others if they sell-it is good to be prepared) and 5 frames.  He packed all his paint gear (tripod, painting backpack, pochade box, etc) and all his electronic gear (cameras, gps, power cords, laptop, etc).  I packed warm clothes for the kids (in case it was cold) and cool clothes for the kids (in case it was hot).  I did the same for Bryan and for me.  I packed the stroller in case we went anywhere the the kids didn't want to walk.  We packed up a huge pile of art books (from the last post) and art dvd's to return to a friend in Carmel.  We packed snacks and books and hats and diapers.  We  squeezed all our gear and kids and carseats into our tiny Mazda Protege and took off for the two hour trip.  It seemed like we took everything in the house....

except our overnight kit and toiletries

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