Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art Books ....Everywhere

Bryan loves art books.  Every birthday, Father's day, and anniversary gift request is the same: art books.  We already have what I consider to be a beautiful and comprehensive collection of art books.  Doesn't matter.  There are still so many art books we don't have.  Take this pile for example:

We do not yet own any of these beauties but a kind fellow artist is allowing Bryan to borrow them for a few days.  That is the way to do art books.  Share the love.  By the way, I have included a top shot of the stack in case any of you readers happen to appreciate art books as much as my husband does.

 Does anybody have a favorite art book to recommend?  Father's Day is coming up and I'd love some gift ideas.


  1. Though I don't have any recommendations, I entirely understand. Our conversations before major holidays usually take a similar turn. What do you want for Christmas? Oh, yeah, an art book. Birthday? Another art book. He never tires of them, so I keep buying them. I him go on Amazon and pick out his favorites and put it on our wish list. Usually by the time I end up buying the book he has forgotten which books he wanted in the first place so it works out well for all.

  2. The Amazon wish list is a GREAT idea. Then the gift is still kind of a surprise but also something he wants. I'll have to get Bryan working on that.