Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Telluride Time Out

We are all up in Telluride for the Plein Air Painting Festival and for the past few days, Bryan has been painting like crazy.  I have been doing my part by trying to keep parenting requests to a minimum.  It is great to come along on these little adventures but I also recognize too much family stress could lead to a lack of artistic focus for Bryan.  The last two days are a great example.

Last night, Bryan was at the artist's orientation and I decided to do laundry.  I put in the wash (over in the 200 building) and fed the kids dinner.  Then I gathered everyone together to go out and put the laundry in the dryer.  I grabbed the dryer sheets, quarters, and kids and ran out the door.  I forgot the key and our hotel charges a $50 lock-out fee.  I found a nice man and used his cell phone to text Bryan and tell him his presence (and key was needed asap).  Being the fabulous guy he is at juggling all his work and family roles, he showed up to let us in 15 min later.  I planned on doing better next time.

Today, I took the kids fishing at a local pond.  I figured we would stay out of Bryan's hair for a few hours and he could log in some good painting time.  The only problem son actually caught something.  Although we are typically a catch-and-release family, today a little rainbow trout swallowed the hook.  We did what we could but he was not releasable.  As this was an excellent opportunity to teach the kids about respecting animals and eating what you take...I called come clean the fish.  He was in the middle of a painting but said he would come in about an hour.  He was there in 40 min...

There's always tomorrow.

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